• Why Alverna Clinic?

      Our clinic is prepared to address all the requests coming from abroad. This confidence is given by the working experience some of us have in United States of America and by the many satisfied patients living abroad that we have already treated. The great advantage of the premium services provided by us is that most of the times are superior to similar treatment provided in more developed countries.

      Because Alverna Dental Studio has its own dental laboratory, a guarantee for the completion of any dental work up to 4 days.

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    Quick & Clean Dental Implants Alverna Dental Studio is using for patients for who need implants with immediate load, the IHDE Multycortical System or BCS. […]

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  • Dental Tourism

    Our clinic is prepared to address all the requests coming from abroad. This confidence is given by the working experience some of us have in United States of America.

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    Monday - Friday
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We offer a wide
spectrum of services

  • Implantology

    When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.. Toothless a single tooth or multiple teeth can be solved with dental implants without affecting neighboring teeth. read

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  • Bone Augmentation

    It ensures appropriate bone substrate for insertion, positioning and proper healing of dental implants

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  • Aesthetic Dentistry

    Scientific discoveries have created a number of new techniques and modern materials that offer the premises of correct and also esthetic medical interventions. Ceramic crowns, ceramic zirconia, ceramic inlays make all that possible.

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  • Odontology

    When your teeth are attacked by caries, the first priority for our dental doctors is to make sure that your denture is thoroughly cleaned so he can restore its aesthetic, functional and morphologic qualities.

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  • Prophylaxis

    By far, the best possible treatment is avoidance and prevention of dental problems. Scientific studies show us that it is 60 times less probable to have dental caries when applying rigorous denture hygiene.

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  • Prosthetics

    When we are deprived of the existence of one or more teeth, it can be unpleasant for several reasons: aesthetic practice – of mastication, psychological, etc.

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  • Surgery

    If it happens that a particular tooth cannot be saved and extraction surgery for orthodontic purposes is necessary, we will act in such way to minimize pain and to avoid trauma as much as possible.

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  • Endodontics

    Accurate endodontic treatment of a tooth is of similar importance with creating a solid foundation for a building. When the root of a tooth is properly treated, following the instructions in specialty literature its life may be extended together with the right aesthetic and functionality requirements fulfilled.

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  • Orthodontics

    Everyone wants beautiful, healthy and nicely aligned teeth! When the teeth of a patient are too crowded or too spaced out, when the teeth are included or extruded, when they are crooked, they can be rearranged using all kind of orthodontic devices.

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Alverna DentalStudio

Alverna Dental Studio is the so called “one stop shop” where we have gathered all the necessary human power and equipment to deliver a complete dental treatment. The dental laboratory department is in-house with the dentistry treatment facilities. That gives our clinic a competitive edge and helps us not only deliver dental care at the highest standards but also doing it in a timely fashion and at the lowest costs possible.

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  • Andreea Farcaș / Los Angeles, California

    I’m in the category of patients with no significant dental problems – that because I developed a slight “obsession” about my denture. I took very good care of my teeth going to dental doctors on regular basis and I was extremely picky in deciding on who’s hands to have the courage of let myself treated. I grew up with Rareș Harmath in Romania and we were housemates for several years in Florida, US. He is the one who recommended me Dr. Romana Crețu

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  • Dumitru Fărcaș / Cluj, Romania

    I used the services of ADS at my daughter’s suggestion who was already a patient of Dr. Romana Crețu. My confidence got a huge boost when I found out that Romana is the daughter of one of my fellow coleague – dancer at „Marțisorul”band (LOL). Leaving any joke aside, Romana is fantastic – a doctor full of compassion, with a high sense of competence and professionalism. During my life I had the chance of being treated by extraordinary dentists,

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  • Florin Ciobanu / Houston, Texas

    When it comes to assess Alverna Dental Studio`s performance I have only thoughts of satisfaction. The whole team from the receptionist to the dental tehnician and doctors were extraordinary! The time I spent in Cluj was limited to 10 days, during the Christmas Holidays when relaxation and celebration is on everybody`s mind. Although I planed major intervention for my denture and despite the fact I requested their services virtually during one of a major .

    Everybody at this clinic is awesome! First of all they made sure I`m fully informed and aware of the steps my dental intervention will require. I never felt rushed in any way and although my dental intervention was qualified as a major one, I was able to feel more confortable and relaxed than in any other dental office here in US. I am very happy I found this clinic and I recommend it with full confidence to anyone who needs dental care including to patients who have anxiety issues when it comes to dentists :)

    Once again, many thanks!

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  • Emil Petre / Copenhagen, Europe

    I just want to say thank you and tell all of you how much I appreciate your warmth, compassion, friendship, and all the kind things you did for me during my recent dental work. There was a lot to be done, but you were always patient , kind and you answered all my endless stream of questions. I even got to watch my crowns being crafted right there in your office – It was fun!

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  • Remus Mocanu / Sibiu, Romania

    Everybody was very understanding and the staff was willing to work around my schedule.

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